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Off to See the World. A Story of Bohemia.

This is it! Our final trip together as a study abroad team. The Czech Republic is split into three regions: Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia.  Our hometown of Olomouc is in Moravia, and the only other place we have really explored in the Czech is Prague.  We were all ready to experience more of our home country.  
It took Faviola and I until the last field trip to figure out to bring our dorm room pillow on the bus for optimum nap quality. Our first stop was at a little town named Litomysl for a tour of a very unique baroque church.  The Holy Trinity Catholic Church had a rough history.  It had endured everything from being burned down several times, to being vandalized, to hosting circus acts.  Its history was only part of its charm.  We also had the chance to climb (a steep spiral staircase- I was sea sick by the top) to the choir rafters where we got a better view of the church and the storybook town of Litomysl. 

We toured the castle next (duh, storybook towns aren’t complete withou…
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Thank You for the Music. A Story of Stockholm, Sweden.

When I say Stockholm, I really mean StockHOME.  I can't explain it, but our trip to Sweden over Easter Break made me feel like I was home again.  There was just something about the vibe of the city that clicked with me.  I can see taking my sister here in the spring-time for a trip when the cherry blossoms bloom and the canals aren't iced over. It's a safe-feeling city with so much to experience.

Jenny, Faviola, Zach, and I were the fantastic four who decided to tackle this adventure.  Our flight to Stockholm left early Friday morning so we decided to stay in a hostel Thursday night in Prague.  As per usual, we had a few difficulties getting to Prague on time.  Our train had to stop on the tracks for about an hour and a half because someone had jumped in front of the tracks two trains ahead of us.  Another group of Nebraskans were on the train right in front of us and they were snap chatting us details as they were getting them.  We didn't pull into the station until a…